Founder’s Message


Humankind has created wonderful cultures during history. Dating back to thousands of years, Indian culture is perhaps one of the most amazing of them. I could convince myself of this personally in the course of my readings, studies, and trips.

Healing and the prevention of illnesses, the efforts to achieve longevity, the struggle against ageing are important parts of every culture – as is the case with Indian culture as well. This knowledge does not belong to one specific nation or people: it is a treasure of the whole of humanity.

When I created the “Indian Medicine for the Public Health in Hungary Foundation”, my goal was to make this knowledge available for Hungary by using my modest possibilities, and with the help of my benevolent, thoughtful and responsible colleagues committed to the Hungarian community. My intention is to help to get to know and spread Indian traditional medicine, not by replacing European medicine but rather by completing, enriching it.

Asian cultures teach that man is a compound of spirit, mind and body. This organic unity is the subject of examination and action of Indian medicine. This art of medicine does not deal with the phenomenon only but rather tries to find out the causes, and attempts to cure the illnesses where they are rooted. This provides its greatest value. Therapies originate from nature; as it is said today, they are “organic”, with fewer side effects. They can be of great benefit to humanity in combination with modern techniques and technologies.

I learned from my parents that half-education may be more dangerous and harmful than ignorance. Thus my goal is not only to help spread Indian medicine, encourage its practice and improve its conditions, but also to ensure quality control with the help of well-known professors, universities, researchers both from India and Hungary. The objective is to keep away and uncover charlatans and well-intentioned but dangerously half-educated actors.

The health of Hungarians is not good. Medical care is increasingly expensive, even unobtainable for many people. Our rhythm and view of life, our possibilities do not allow us to think about prevention, or to do something for ourselves.

First of all, we have to change our way of thinking – and the five thousand year-old Indian culture, and traditional Indian medicine can help us to do so. I am looking forward to getting help and encouragement from each and every well-meaning person and institution. We have to spare no effort and use every means to help people to live healthier, happier and more peaceful lives in Hungary and all over the world.

Lord, should you bear different names in different regions and cultures – Jesus Christ, Jehovah, Buddha, Shiva, Allah or else – please help me achieve my goals.

Dr. Péter Medgyessy


Deed of Foundation